Scottsdale, AZ: Professional Carpet Installation Service

Our customer in Scottsdale needed the carpet replaced in his bedroom. Upon arrival, the carpet was already pulled up and the customer already had the new carpet to be installed onsite, he hired us to install carpet padding and the new roll of carpet. If you are ever in need of new carpet, Ultimate Carpet […]


Power Stretching Carpet in Chandler, AZ

Our customer in Chandler was moving out of his home. Before he was able to put his house on the market to sale, he had to remove the ripples that were in his carpet. Usually carpet creates ripples because that carpet was installed improperly. Carpet also starts to ripple when the temperature inside the home […]


Phoenix, AZ: Repairing Carpet In Heavy Traffic Areas

We really have a passion for repairing and cleaning carpet. We take pride in servicing Phoenix and the surrounding areas. When it comes to repairing carpet from pet damage, carpet ripples or burn marks, we are the ‘go to’ company. We offer affordable and quality services. There is no reason to over pay for services […]