Carpet Repair

We really have a passion for repairing and cleaning carpet. We take pride in servicing Phoenix and the surrounding areas. When it comes to repairing carpet from pet damage, carpet ripples or burn marks, we are the ‘go to’ company. We offer affordable and quality services. There is no reason to over pay for services when it comes to carpet repair and carpet cleaning. Be sure to always call around and check for pricing from other companies before you schedule an appointment.

Our customer in Phoenix had carpet fraying in the doorways of his home. Doorways are also heavy traffic areas that see more wear and tear compared to other areas in the house. It is important to repair the areas right away before they become worse and turn into more expensive repairs. Call (602) 730-0288 for more information about our services! We are available 7 days a week and have experienced technicians. Call now or contact us online!

Pet Damage in Doorway



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