Power Stretching Carpet

Stretch Your Dollars-Consider Carpet Stretching

Ultimate Carpet Repair can help you save with a carpet stretching of your existing carpet, at just a fraction of the cost of installing new carpeting.

It appears to be most Arizona occupants need to extend their dollars nowadays like never before. In spite of the fact that home deals have impede, mortgage holders appear to be redesigning and overhauling their homes more now than at any other time, including their floor covering ground surface. Carpet Stretching is Ultimate Carpet Repair’s strength and a prevalent administration for its dollar-extending capacity.

Seams Tears Repaired with Carpet Stretching

High traffic carpets sometimes tear, separate at the seams, or go wavy. Contact us to learn how re-stretching your carpet solves seam tear issues, and receive an estimate on carpet stretching from Ultimate Carpet Repair.